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Design Firm Associates is

One of the Most Unique & Innovative

Architectural Firms in Egypt.

We are dedicated to planning, designing, engineering, and project management facilities. Our approach to architecture is strongly related to the history and its relation to the modern philosophies. We pioneered the sustainable approach to architecture through vernacular methods mixed with our futuristic vision for a better future, not only for humans, but also for the planet.

Seeking to reduce negative impacts on the environment, and the health and comfort of building occupants, thereby improving building performance.

One of our main concerns is the client’s satisfaction as well. We put into consideration the budget and the economy of the project, how to organize it, how to maximize profits and minimize losses. One of the factors we take into consideration while designing is the advertising and branding of the project to guarantee that our projects are delivered with a certain vision and message.

Architecture Design
Interior Design
Urban Design
Environmental Design
Structure Design
Landscape Design

The design ideology of Design Firm Associates is primarily based upon the principles of environmental design, we aim to reduce negative impacts on the environment and the health of the occupants.

All designs created by DFA start by carefully analyzing the surrounding site and all the environmental aspects (Winds, Sun, Natural Lighting, etc.). Through optimizing the orientation of the building and spaces, we are able to reduce the energy consumption of a building immensely, and creating a comfortable, livable environment.

This method of designed is simulated with specialized programs to be able to study how well the building design performs in real life. Accordingly, building materials are chosen carefully with the right amount of insulation to further reduce energy consumption of heating and cooling.

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Meet the Team

Mohamed Hamada

Founder & Design Team Leader

Mohamed Ashraf

Co-founder & Technical Team Leader

Moataz Hamada


Khaled Kamal

3D Manager & Interior Designer

Farah El-Deeb


Farah Fouad


Mai Tarek


Mirette El Dib


Ahmed Mondi

Junior 3D Modeler

From Our Portfolio

Uptown Cairo Villa

Uptown Cairo Villa

Kattameya Heights Villa

Kattameya Heights Villa

West Golf Villa

West Golf Villa

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